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The Philm Phreaks Digital Archives: All the greats of Psychedelic Rock and beyond. Digitized celluloid for you  by Phil Franks (look, don't steal).

Real Festival Music is all things I.C.U., Nik Turner, Judge Trev, all the free festival weirdos. They have some Ralph Beauvert cd's for on-line sale.

pOoTers pSycheDelic ShAcK: Music festivals in the UK, acid rock, lightshows

Gong Appreciation Society (G.A.S.): Homebase of the Global Gong Family.

Graham Clark, violinist exdraordinaire, jazz-rock-blues-funk-improviser without equal. all things violin, calender, dates, recordings.It was he who played on two Ralph Beauvert records, ie.e 'Time & Distance' and 'Rite of Passage'.

Peter Sinfield: Promenade the Puzzle. A poetic eulogy of the genius and its inspiration on the first four albums by King Crimson. Incredibly concise encyclopedia of Mr. Sinfield's early Crimso lyrics with links to the Hohenstaufen!

Elephant Talk: For the Robert Fripp/King Crimson enthusiasts...

Robert Calvert: The Spirit of the (P)Age. The multimedia meisterwerk by Knut Gerwers. An in depth study of the work, life and times of the late, great Bob Calvert. Hosted by Jerry Kranitz on the Aural Innovations site.

Curved Air: Home Page of another great 70's band.

Ramases: Ramases and Sel, Space Hymns and Glasstop Coffin. South African site maintained by Brian Currin.

Be Glad for the Song has no Ending: The Incredible String Band heaven.

Relics of the Incredible String Band:   All things Incredible and obscure.

5000 Onions: Another site for the ISB enthusiast.

Popol Vuh: Italian website for Florian Fricke (1944 - 2001) and his life-long spiritual journey. R.I.P.

Popol Vuh: Dutch website dedicated to the German band

Progressive Ears: Great forum for progressive rock.

Psychedelia and Cyberculture

Hippy Land: All about Hippy culture...and more.

Glastonbury: The Centre of the Universe! New Age, Old Age, Cyber Age, Forever Age.

LSD Britain: The social and cultural history of LSD in Britain.


Shankaracarya: An introduction to the philosophy of this 9th century Indian thinker.

Shiva Shakti Mandalam: The inner wisdom of the Hindu Tantrik tradition.

Internet Sacred Text Archive: Online books about religion, philosophy, mythology, folklore and the esoteric.

The Rudolf Steiner Archive: Works of Rudolf Steiner and related materials online (in English).

Valentin Tomberg: Wikipedia on the great modern-day Christian mystic.

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