(Many thanks to Colin Harper and David Bird)




April               Quintessence formed – early undated gigs include at least two at Camden Arts Lab, also monthly gigs during 1969 at All Saints Church Hall


June/July        Quintessence sign to Island Records

22 June            London, Roundhouse + The Gun, White Trash (billed as ‘Shiva and the Quintessence’) 


13 July             London, Roundhouse + Third Ear Band, Gypsy

21 July             London, Speakeasy

27 July             London, Roundhouse + Blossom Toes, Steamhammer


August/Sept      probably recording for In Blissful Company at Basing Street Studios, London

24 Aug              London, Roundhouse + Eclection, Marsupilami, Stray


01 September   Hampstead Country Club

06 September  London, Roundhouse + Mott the Hoople

08 September  Aylesbury, Friars                     

12 September   Barnet, Resurrection

20 September   London, Hyde Park Free Concert + Soft Machine, Deviants, Al Stewart, Edgar Broughton Band, Eclection

     Video filmed by Jack Moore/London Arts Lab

21 September    London, Roundhouse + Mighty Baby, White Trash, Marty Feldman 

24 September   Birmingham, Mothers


04 October       Reading University + Pink Floyd

24 October       London, Royal College of Art


November         In Blissful Company (Island) released 

09 November     London, St Pancras Town Hall + Barney Bubbles Light Show

                         (Benefit for Gandalf’s Garden magazine)                                  

16 November     Southall, Farx Blues Club

21 November     Sunderland, Locarno + Free

28 November     Guildford, Civic Hall + Deep Purple, Bridget St John

29 November     London, University College + Grail, Octopus

05 December    London, Hammersmith Town Hall + Radha Krishna Temple 

14 December    Epping, Wake Arms

15 December    Aylesbury, Friars

17 December    London, Porcester Hall + Listen

19 December    London, Temple Club

20 December    Blackburn, King George’s Hall + Family, Grisby Dyke

21 December    London, Roundhouse + Mott The Hoople, Village




January            'Notting Hill Gate’/’Move Into The Light’ (Island) released 

16 January        Sunderland, Locarno

17 January        London, Potter’s Bar Farx + Audience, Andwella’s Dream 

23 January       Walthamstow, Chez Club

23/24 January  London, Temple Club (all-nighter) + Titus Groan, Dry Ice

31 January        High Wycombe, Town Hall + Edgar Broughton Band, Bridget St John


02 February      Dunstable, Civic Hall

05 February      Cardiff, Sophia Gardens Pavilion + Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Ron Geesin

06 February      Tunbridge Wells, Assembly Hall

07 February      London, Imperial College + Jan Dukes De Gray, Grail

08 February      London, Lyceum + Ten Years After, Principal Edwards Magic Theatre

20 February      Plymouth, Van Dyke’s 

27 February      Sunderland, Locarno

28 February      London School of Economics + Mott The Hoople


03 March          London, St Pancras Town Hall

     Recorded for Island; filmed by Solus Productions for BBC2/cinema (partially released by HUX Records 2009)

07 March          London, University College + Grail

09 March          London, Roundhouse + Gypsy, Black Sabbath (opening of Atomic Sunrise Festival) 

20 March          London, Temple Club

21 March          Romford, Rush Green College

23 March          Cleethorpes, Winter Gardens + Liverpool Scene

25 March          Liverpool, Top Rank + Terry Reid, Elastic Band


13 April            London, Royal Albert Hall + Creedence Clearwater Revival

14 April            London, Royal Albert Hall + Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR set filmed by BBC)

17 April            Hampstead, Country Club – possibly filmed by Dutch/German TV

21 April            Manchester, Free Trade Hall + Colosseum 

22 April            Roundhouse + Juicy Lucy, Johnny Winter 

26 April            Switzerland, Montreux Galas Rose d’Or – filmed for Swiss TV  (TSR) 


07 May             London, Ealing Town Hall

?  May              Norwich, Chapel

15 May             Bailrigg, Lancaster University + The Who

23 May             Bath, Twerton Park Festival

                        + Fleetwood Mac, Juicy Lucy, Wishbone Ash, Soft Machine, and others 

24 May             Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Hollywood Festival

                        + Traffic, Black Sabbath, Free, Colosseum, Jose Feliciano, Grateful Dead, Mungo Jerry and others

                        filmed by Solus Productions for unfinished BBC documentary

30 May             BBC2, Disco 2 – broadcast of tracks filmed at St Pancras Town Hall


June                 Quintessence (Island) released (UK#22, 4 weeks on the chart) 

05 June             Dudley Zoo, Castle Rock Festival

                        + Faces, T Rex, Edgar Broughton Band, Sam Apple Pie (WWF benefit)                     

12 June             Newcastle, Mayfair + Edgar Broughton Band

19 June             London, Queen Elizabeth Hall

28 June            Holland, Kralingen Festival, Rotterdam  

                        + Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, Caravan, Fotheringay, T Rex, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, Canned Heat

                       ‘Giants’ included in European edit of Stamping Ground festival film


June/July      Quintessence surely played other gigs in Switzerland, Germany and France (Rouen Rock’n’Roll Circus + Caravan)

                     Also, probably two German TV appearances during this period.


10 July             Germany, Aachen Pop Festival

                        +Traffic, Deep Pueple, Free, If, principal Edwards, Magic Theatre, Golden Earring, and others

12 July             Germany, Euro Pop Festival, Munich Olympia + many others (possibly)

15 July             London, Aeolian Hall - Recording of BBC Radio 1 session for Alan Black’s Sounds Of The Seventies

18 July             Guildford Civic Hall + Jody Grind - video-filmed by John Hopkins/TVX

24 July             London, Lyceum

24-26 July      Worthing, Phun City Festival? (Quintessence advertised but apparently didn’t play)


09 August         London, Lyceum + Sam Apple Pie, Cochise, Quiver

14 August         Plymouth, Van Dyke’s

16 August         Krumlin, Yorkshire Folk, Blues & Jazz Festival

                       (Quintessence advertised to play/in attendance but their day was rained off)

21 August         Newcastle, Mayfair + Mott the Hoople

21 August         BBC Radio 1, Sounds Of The Seventies session broadcast

22 August         London, Wormwood Scrubs Common Free Concert + Hawkwind

29 August         St Albans, Civic Hall


04 September   Leytonstone, Red Lion

18 September   BBC Radio 1, Sounds Of The Seventies session (repeat broadcast)

19 September   Pilton, Worthy Farm + T Rex, Marsupilami, Steamhammer, Amazing Blondel (the low-key first of the Glastonbury Festivals)

    Quintessence appear in regional BBC TV news report; possibly also in Harlech TV news report

20 September   London, Lyceum + Clark-Hutchinson, Roger Ruskin-Spear

21 September   Romford, King’s Head

24 September   London, Paris Cinema – Concert recording for BBC Radio 1, John Peel’s Sunday Concert

September        London, Island Studios – recording begun for Dive Deep


04 October       BBC Radio 1, John Peel’s Sunday Concert broadcast

10 October        Liverpool, Stadium + Cat Stevens, Amazing Blondel, Medicine Head

16 October        Egham, Royal Holloway College

17 October       London, London School of Economics

23 October       Birmingham, Mothers


07 November     Dagenham, Village Roundhouse

08 November     Cleethorpes, Progressive Garden

13 November     Plymouth, Van Dyke’s 

20 November     Hull, City Hall

21 November     Twickenham, Eel Pie Island

27 November     Leytonstone, Red Lion

28 November     London, University College + Cochise

29 November     Newcastle, City Hall 


04 December     Welwyn Garden City, Community centre

05 December     Canterbury, Kent University

06 December     Croydon, Fairfield Hall + Mighty Baby

11 December      Liverpool University + Dando Shaft

15 December     Swansea University

18 December     Eastbourne, Winter Gardens

20 December    Plymouth, Guild Hall

31 December     London?, venue unknown (Melody Maker reference)




01 January        Newcastle, Mayfair

03 January        Birmingham, Mothers (this legendary venue’s final show)

16 January        Kingston-Upon-Thames, Polytechnic + Uriah Heep

30 January        London, Imperial College 


01 February      Romford, King’s Head

13 February      Brighton, Dome

14 February      Leicester, De Montford Hall

20 February      Malvern, Winter Gardens + Mighty Baby             

25 February      London, Aeolian Hall – BBC Radio 1 session recording for Alan Black’s Sounds Of The Seventies

26 February      Lancaster University + The Kinks, Shakin’ Stevens & the Sunsets 

                        (Kinks fail to show – Quintessence play, and are paid, twice!)

27 February      Liverpool, Philharmonic

28 February      London, Lyceum


March               Dive Deep (Island) released (UK #43, 1 week on the chart) 

04 March          Bradford, St George’s Hall + Edgar Broughton Band, Formerly Fat Harry

05 March          Leeds, Town Hall

06 March          Sheffield, City Hall 

07 March          Hemel Hempstead, Pavillion + Renaissance

12 March          Swansea University

13 March          Manchester, Free Trade Hall

14 March          Newcastle, City Hall (or possibly on 28 March)

19 March          Bristol, Colston Hall

19 March          BBC Radio 1, Alan Black’s Sounds Of The Seventies session broadcast

20 March          Birmingham, Town Hall

26 March          Croydon, Fairfield Hall

27 March          Dagenham, Village Roundhouse


04 April             London, Lyceum 

07 April             BBC2 TV, Disco 2 broadcast (recording date unknown)

16 April             BBC Radio 1, Alan Black’s Sounds Of The Seventies session (repeat)

28 April             London, Roundhouse    


02 May             Luton, Recreation Centre

08 May             Watford, Technical College + Man, Renia

28 May             Edinburgh, Empire

29 May             Boston, Starlight Rooms

30 May             London, Queen Elizabeth Hall

Festival of Progressive Music - 2 concerts, both recorded by Island Records (released by HUX Records in 2009) 

06 June            Croydon, Greyhound

12 June            Eastbourne, Winter Gardens

13 June            Reading, Abbey Ruins

20-23 June      Pilton, Worthy Farm (2nd Glastonbury Festival)

                       + Terry Reid, Fairport Convention, Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come, Traffic, Gong, and others

                       ‘Freedom’ filmed for Glastonbury Fayre festival film

24 June            London – filming God Rock religious special at LWT TV studios

   (Quintessence mime to 'Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Gauranga’ and ‘Dive Deep’)  - see Youtube videos

End of June – Early July Tour of Germany


10 July             Barnet, Queen Elizabeth School

11 July             London, Mermaid Theatre

11 July             LWT, God Rock broadcast

23 July            Birmingham, Town Hall

24 July            Aylesbury, Friars 

30 July            Matlock, Baths + Caravan


01 August         Plymouth, Guildhall

08 August         London, Lyceum

13 August         Southport, Floral Hall

14 August         Bridlington, Royal Spa

15 August         Redcar Jazz Club, Coatham Hotel

16 August         Wolverhampton, Civic Hall

29 August         Clacton-on-Sea, Weeley Festival        

                        + T Rex, Faces, King Crimson, Status Quo, Rory Gallagher, Lindisfarne, etc


July-Sept         Independent filming of Quintessence taking place for abandoned documentary   

15 September    Twickenham, Winning Post

16 September    Wolverhampton, Civic Hall

18 September    Kennington, Oval Cricket Ground  

                        + The Who, Faces, Atomic Rooster, MottThe Hoople, Lindisfarne, Grease Band (Bangladesh benefit)


01 October        Uxbridge, Brunel University + Help Yourself

16 October        Dagenham, Village Roundhouse + Beggar’s Opera

22 October        Newcastle, Mayfair + East Of Eden


November         ‘Sweet Jesus’/’You Never Stay the Same’ (Neon) released 

14 November     Brighton, University (Bangladesh benefit)

20 November     London, University College (‘Save Our Student Union’ benefit) 

26 November     Portsmouth, Polytechnic + Hookfoot

27 November     Colchester, University + Roxy Music


04 December    Kingston, Polytechnic + Good Habit

11 December     Exeter, Exeter College – recorded for RCA Records

12 December    Granada, Freedom Roadshow broadcast

18 December    High Wycombe, Town Hall + Hackensack

20 December    London, Royal Albert Hall  




January            Shiva on home visit in Australia


02 February      London, Maida Vale Studios BBC Radio 1 session recording for Pete Drummond’s Sounds Of The Seventies                     

04 February      Reading, White Knight’s Park

10 February      BBC Radio 1 Pete Drummond’s Sounds Of The Seventies broadcast

12 February      Edinburgh, Empire

13 February      Glasgow, Kelvin Hall


03 March          Newcastle, Mayfair

18 March          Watford, Technical College

19 March          Plymouth, Guild Hall 

24 March          London, Lyceum + Stud, John St Field

25 March          Wellingborough, Rock Club


March/April     Other English cathedrals played???


01 April            Barry, Memorial Hall

02 April            Redcar, Coatham Hotel

07 April            Norwich, Cathedral – filmed for BBC2 TV

08 April            Dagenham, Village Roundhouse

14 April             Preston, Public Hall


April/May         18 date tour of Ireland, Norway, Holland, Switzerland, Germany in this period???


May                  Self (RCA) released (UK #50, 1 week on the chart) 

May                  BBC2 TV broadcast Norwich Cathedral concert

04 May             Oxford, St Clare’s Hall

05 May             Slough, Community centre

12 May              Zurich, Volkshaus (privately recorded by Rudra) 

13 May              Colchester, University

18 May              High Wycombe, Parish Church (Shelter benefit)

19 May              London, Thames Polytechnic


03 June            Waltham Forest, Technical College

10 June             Cambridge, Corn Exchange


June                 Shiva & Dave sacked – soon forming Kala


July                  No gigs – 4-piece Quintessence rehearsing new act/writing new album


04 August         Barry, Memorial Hall

05 August         Liverpool, Stadium

06 August         Hartlepool, Borough Hall

08 August         Bournemouth, Chelsea Village + Amazing Blondel

12 August         Dagenham, Village Roundhouse + Trapeze

13 August         Reading, 11th National Blues, Folk & Rock Festival

                       + Ten Years After, Wizzard, Status Quo, Matching Mole, Stray and others. Did Quintessence play?                 

21 August         Dunstable, Civic Hall

28 August        Plymouth, Guild Hall

31 August        Widnes, Queen's Hall


01 September   Glasgow Town Hall

15 September   Reading Town Hall

22 September   Margate, Dreamland

28 September   Manchester, Hardrock + ELO

30 September   Aylesbury, Friars     


04 October      London, Bumpers + Lol Coxhill, Bridget Str. John and others

13 October       Brighton, Sussex University


08 November   London, Polytechnic


December        Indweller (RCA) released 

08 December   Rochdale, Champness Hall

09 December   Liverpool, Stadium

10 December   Manchester, Mr. Smith's

14 December   Stoke, Heavy Steam Machine

15 December   Blackburn, King George's Hall

16 December   London, Friend's House, Euston Rd.

18 December   Oxford, Town Hall

22 December  Birmingham, Town Hall




24 January    Cheltenham, Pavillon

25 January    Bristol, Victoria Rooms

26 January    Colchester, Polytechnic

27 January    Manchester, Institute of Science


09 February  Derby, Tech College