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Von: "Andy Roberts" <>

Datum: 7. September 2008 14:31:12 GMT+02:00

An: "mooncow" <>

Betreff: Re: Live Quintessence?

 Hi Rudra,

 Been away for a few days and have returned to find live Quintessence etc waiting for - thanks very much, I'm listening as I type. It's really good stuff and reminds me just how much more like the Grateful Dead they were live than on record. If only someone could track down their full set from the Glastonbury Fayre DVD!

I hope you enjoy the book Rudra and I'll be very interested in any comments/criticism you might have.

Enjoy the south of France!




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From: mooncow

To: 'Andy Roberts'

Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2008 3:54 PM

Subject: AW: Live Quintessence?

 Hello Andy – got your book today and I believe this makes for a wonderful holiday read as I’m about to depart for the South of France tonight. Hopefully the CDs are with you as well.

 Best wishes



-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----Von: Andy Roberts [] Gesendet: Mittwoch, 20. August 2008 18:38An: mooncow@bluewin.chBetreff: Live Quintessence?


Jeremy Dunn of Berlin gave me your email address re Quintessence....

 I was a huge Quintessence fan back in the 70s, although only managed to see them one (St George's Hall, Bradford, March 1972 I think) and always thought they were underrated by the music press and many so called music fans. Anyway Jeremy pointed me to your website and I notice that there is a Live 1972 CD listed. Is there any way I can acquire this - or indeed any other live Quintessence shows?

 Either way, keep up the good work, it's an excellent website for an excellent band.


 Happy Trails


05.03.2008 14:56


I am doing some research on music and spirituality, and I am an old fan of Quintessence I hope this email reaches you, and that you can get back to me. So glad to find you online! I am going to buy all the records on CD now, as the old vynil is so badly scratched that does not play anymore First of all, I want to say that you did the best music on earth! I got psyched away for many years with it Secondly, I would like to know if you are still in touch with others, like Phil Jones for example, and if you would like to answer some questions for my paper. I am trying to track back the roots and motives behind your great work of the seventies And, since I come to england regularly, would love to know where to listen to you live next


Paola Di Maio


School of IT

31.10.2007 14:38


I am asking/requesting for something from a long way back !

 I am working on a website concerned with the legendary venue Aylesbury Friars which ran 1969 – 1984 and want to make it interesting rather than just list the gigs – so I am researching press cuttings, reviews, posters etc etc. I am also trying to seek artiste and fan memories of the venue too.

 This project has the full co-operation and support of what was the Friars team including David Stopps the promoter.

 Quintessence played a number of gigs in Aylesbury 1969-71. A number of artistes old and new have agreed to contribute to my website and I hope that you may be able to share some memories of Aylesbury Friars.

 The more artiste and fan memories I have really validates the time and effort into making the website interesting (in terms of nostalgia, trivia, memorabilia) for fans and musicians alike.

 As I said, it’s a big ask going back so far, but if there are any memories you can share with me, I would be very grateful.

 Best wishes

Mike O’Connor

Milton Keynes


09.09.2007 13:24

This is a message for Shiva. My name is Magda and I am originally from Germany. I lived in London from 1968 – 1970, and was going to every Quintessence concert with my friend Teresa. I was at concerts at the Roundhouse (Chalk Farm), Royal Albert Hall, Hammersmith Town Hall, Heidelberg Holy Ghost Church, to name a few. I also was a friend of Dave McKay, then a roadie with the band. I now live in Australia, in Darwin, and have been learning about Native American Indian and Aboriginal Culture and Spirituality since I left Germany in 1990. I am amazed to find all this information about you, known as Shiva Jones on the internet. I had no idea that you were playing in a band in Australia when you were young and also knew you only by the name of Shiva. I am also excited about the fact that the spirit of Quintessence still lives on as my impression was that it was a thing of the past. Long live Shiva’s Quintessence!

 With fondest greetings

From Magda Buchholz

 From: Ben McDonnell []

 Sent: Thursday, July 5, 2007 01:03


 Ref: Quintessence memories

Hi   I remember seeing Quintessence at Royal Holloway College students union in about 1971 I remember the lead singer commencing the show by saying "We'd like to start off by dedicating this to "the eternal mother" " I am a Catholic and to me the "Eternal Mother" is the Virgin Mary, Mother of God. I was not sure if the band were referring to the same person, or idea. Anyway, they played about the best set I had seen at the union in two or three years. I particularly remember some brilliant long improvised passages by the guitarist. About four years later, I recognised the same guitarist, performing solo, during an episode of "Space 1999" Somehow they had worked him in to the story! Best wishes
Ben McDonnell


09.06.2007 21:38


After recently seeing Quintessence briefly on a BBC 3 documentary ('The Alternative Society', performing Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Gauranga), I was moved look again at my video of 'Glastonbury Fayre'. I've always loved the performance on this movie and made a few half-hearted attempts to find out what the song was called (song titles aren't listed in the credits), unsuccessfully. Could you answer a question that's been bugging me for years?

Many thanks,


18.03.2007 08:01

From: Rachel Pierssene

Ref: Norwich cathedral gig

If my memory is still intact, I believe I was fully present, as a wide open teenager, at an extraordinary (at least, for me looking back, it is a lifelong /momentary pinnacle of unforgettable/unquenchable optimism) quintessence gig in the awesomagnificent cathedral of my home city, Norwich, U.K.,in the early 70s.
 I live in Australia now, in the hills behind Byron Bay, with my two teenage sons and we are constantly inspired by the evolution of 'psytrance' under the even more awesomer stars (or rainclouds) around this even exquisiter and still more blessed place. I would love to hear from anyone who might have been there (Norwich Cathedral, early 70s!), or who could have been similarly inspired for life, by that mighty quintessential crew.

Von: Georg Heinemann []

 Gesendet: Montag, 19. Februar 2007 22:53

 Quintessence hatten mich auf die "Spur" gebracht - und die hält bis heute an und führt wer weiß wohin... gibt es eine neue cd?, in einem Inerriew mit Shiva Jones war so etwas angedeutet. Gibt es die irgendwann möglichkeit, shiva jones in Deutschland zu erleben?

Georg Heinemann


5 von 5 Sternen Sensationelle Neuigkeiten, 2. Oktober 2005

  Rezensentin/Rezensent: familie-weidlich aus Worms Deutschland

Hurra - Shiva Jones, der ehemalige Sänger und Frontman der Gruppe Quintessence (spirituelle Kultband der späten 60er und frühen 70er) läßt seine wunderbare Stimme wieder ertönen.
Unterstützt wird er dabei von dem genialen Musiker Rudra Beauvert, dem es mit seinem elektronischen Instrumentarium hervorragend gelingt den alten Quintessence-Geist in moderne, zeitgemäße Musik des beginnenden 21. Jahrhunderts zu verwandeln.
Auch Mahadev, der ehemalige Gitarrist von Quintessence, konnte für dieses neue Projekt gewonnen werden und unterstützt die Macher von Shiva's Quintessence als Gastmusiker mit seinen gewohnt-guten Gitarrenriffs.

Heraus kam eine Doppel-CD, die wohl einzigartig ist:
Die Freunde moderner Synthesizer-Sounds kommen dabei ebenso voll auf ihre Kosten, wie auch die Liebhaber klassisch geiler Gitarrensoli, Blues-Harp- und Didgeridoo-Klängen oder gar indischer Mantra-Gesänge.

Auf CD1 haben Shiva's Quintessence nur neue Songs veröffentlicht, die jedoch von ihrem spirituellen Charakter ganz im Fahrwasser der ehemaligen Quintessence-Besetzung liegen. Dabei greift Shiva Jones jedoch auch aktuelle Themen auf wie in HOLLYWOOD GURU (einfach köstlich !!!). oder in DIDGERIDOO MEDICINE MAN (mein persönlicher Favorit von CD1), das für mich die beste Verschmelzung von Didgeridoo-Sounds mit westlicher Rockmusik darstellt, die ich je gehört habe.

Auf CD2 sind neben neuen Songs auch einige alte Quintessence-Klassiker und damals nicht mehr erschienene Quintessence-Songs enthalten. Diese erscheinen jedoch in völlig neuem Kleid und wurden durch neue Strophen bzw. Zwischenparts ergänzt. Mir persönlich gefallen sie dadurch meist besser als die Originale. Wenn z.B. bei GIANTS der neue Zwischenpart ertönt geht mir regelmäßig das Herz auf und ich empfinde die Musik und Botschaft noch viel schöner und weitreichender als es bei Quintessence ohnehin schon der Fall war. Sehr schön auch das Wiedertreffen mit GANGA MEI - I must be in heaven !

Fazit: Diese CD ist ein Muß für alle Freunde von Quintessence aber auch für alle, die Musik lieben in der spirituelle Texte für eine gewisse Geistigkeit sorgen, in der jedoch auch Rhythmus und Lebensfreude nicht zu kurz kommen.

Om namah Shivaya !!!

P.S. Shiva's Quintessence haben bereits 2003 unter dem Namen SHIVA SHAKTI eine CD herausgebracht die ich ebenfalls wärmstens empfehle. (Auch hier bei Amazon erhältlich !)


  • thoughts with other shoppers!

    5 out of 5 stars Magnificent, September 22, 2005

      Reviewer: Prof Cornelius from LONDON United Kingdom

    Shiva Jones is an epic figure who used to front the wonderful cult band Quintessence in the 60s and has after many years returned to the Quintessence catalogue, arm in arm with his new buddy Rudra Beauvert from switzerland.

    The two have produced an album that has flashes of brilliance, wit, beauty and the occasional downright wierdness. Quintessence fans will head for disc two for some excellent re-interpretations of old classics. Giants is especially good, and Gangamayi irresistable..

    But side one contains some delightfully subversive stuff, too. If you are into a mordant look at the planet Earth and our consuming monster of a culture, check out Shiva as he tears it all apart. Some of it will have you laughing out loud.

    A must-have. Also check out the earlier Shiva's Shakti album, more of the same if a little less assured.

    As an added bonus, many of the tracks feature another Quin member Maha Dev strumming away on the guitars. And Rudra's surefooted synth colours make many tracks modern classics.

    Heaven in a CD. Jai Gangamai!!!


    Sonntag, 18. September 2005 05:4

    Hi:   Just wanted to touch base with you folks.  Totally blown away by Cosmic Surfer.  Received a promotional set in the mail today.  
    My name is Kenny Solomon and I'm letting you know some airplay and support is going to happen through the internet radio station where I'm on the air and also handle the majority of artist contacts.  The station is called Progressive Soundscapes Radio.  As a quick basic look in at the operation, Progressive Soundscapes is a non-commercial and non-revenue generating, 24/7 internet-only radio station and website dedicated to the best in independent progressive music from around the world.
      We're cleared to air all Eclectic Discs artists, so please feel free to inquire with Vicky regarding our humble, but loveable little hole in the ethernet.   If you'd like additional information regarding the station, there's a full letter of introduction set to send electronically, or via standard post.   There's also numerous professional references available if required.   Cheers!  
    Kenny Solomon

    5 out of 5 stars Great new band!, September 14, 2005

      Reviewer: Jeff Spoon from Leeds, UK

    I recommend this record to anyone who likes to listen rather than talk! Excellent guitar playing and the vocals are sensational as are the songs. I especially like 'Didgeridoo Medicine Man'. This record is impossible to catagorise cos it's so good!


    Hey Rudra,

    Thanks for the email, your music is soooooooo KOOL. I'm going to listen to
    other stuff that is out from your record company too. keep making great

    >From: "mooncow" <>
    >To: "Georgina Kent" <>
    >Subject: Re: Cosmic Surfer
    >Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 16:00:05 +0200
    >Heya Georgie
    >Got your e-mail from my record company - never got mail before from such a
    >young fan
    >This is great to hear from you
    >Love and best wishes
    >Rudra (Shiva's Quintessence), Musician and Producer of COSMIC SURFER

    >----- Original Message ----- From: "Georgina Kent"
    >To: <>
    >Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 12:51 PM
    >Subject: Cosmic Surfer
    >>I heard some of the "Cosmic Surfer" cd on 3WAYFM here in Australia. It is
    >>soooooo cool!!!!
    >>I'm in year 12 and much of what that station plays is a bit old for me,
    >>but not that. The dj said it was brand new. I can't wait to buy it.

    Hiya All (esp Phil aka Shiva)

    A long time listener to Quintessence / Shiva Shakti here. Just ordered Shakti Quintessence and can’t wait for it to arrive. I was wondering if anyone there knows where I can get a copy of KALA; Phil /Shivas album immediately after leaving Quintessence. I had an old vinyl copy but it disappeared into the that place odd socks biros and other useful things go many years go. It would be great to get a clean copy on CD/MP3 whatever. If you know how I could go about getting a new copy of KALA  I will be eternally gratefully

    Love & Peace



    Subject: Shiva's Quintessence

    Date: Tuesday, June 21 2005 18:24

    From: "Caroline Boucher" <>

    To: <>

    Hi there
    Good to hear from you, and what a great website. Just shows the staying
    power of good music. Keep me posted on things
    best wishes


    Subject: Quintessence

    Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 00:19:32 +0100

    From: "Ian Stevenson" <>

    To: <>

    Hi, my name is Jane and I used to know Q very well. I met with them many,

    many times, usually to hear Swami-ji speak and to meditate.  I have seen

    them live and have had the privilege of playing tambourine on stage with

    them at a gig they did in Norwich Cathedral.  Somewhere in the depths of my

    home I have some very old b/w photographs of the occasion.

    I have spent some time searching for Q's music on CD without success.  I was

    thrilled to stumble across your site while on a search for Mott the Hoople!

    Good to learn you are in touch with Shiva and others.

    Best Regards

    Jane S

    Subject: Greetings and saluations from the North

    Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 12:24:30 +0100

    From: David Farley <>

    To: <>

    Hi There

    Just decided to search the web to see if I could see if there was any info

    on my favourite band of all time Quintesence and I ran across the Mooncow

    project. Great to see you guys are still at it. I was particularly pleased

    to read about Shiva Shakti this sounds the sort of album to make me start

    buying music again. Could you let me know if/ when it will be released and

    where I can get hold of a copy. Also you bwould nt happen to know where I

    could get a copy of the old KALA album would you my copy got given away

    years ago and Ive never managed to find it anywhere.

    Anyway to Phil all the best and thanks for some of the best moments of my



    Subject: Re. Quintessence..!!

    Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 11:50:12 +0100

    From: Robin Davis <>


    Hi there and Greetings from the UK,

    Regarding Quintessence - many thanks for providing a fantastic site with

    much info on them - most of which I`d never seen before [am now 49, but

    feel much younger...!!] and I remember loving them at the time -

    particularly the 2 Island LP's [which should be re-issued - maybe Island

    will get round to it one day - hopefully w.some Live stuff from that era as

    well....!! Never saw them but the live sections on 2nd. LP are

    unbelievable...must be more surely...???!! Which leads me onto the "Live

    1972" CD - I appreciate it's a private item, but any chance of a

    track-listing...??!! [Too much to expect a copy, I suppose...??!!].

    Many thanks in advance!!



    Subject: Quintessence

    Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 19:10:54 +0100

    From: <>

    To: <>


    I've just seen your tribute website to the band and thought it was very

    good. Well done! I listened to them a lot in the early seventies, but

    unfortunately did not get to see them live. I went to the Reading Festival

    in 1973/4 with this aim in mind, but unfortunately the band playing before

    them, Ten Years After, overstayed their time and Quintessence were not

    allowed to play. Needless to say, I was very disappointed, but it was just

    one of those things. A few years ago I spoke to Jake, the drummer, on the

    phone about this and it seems he was not very happy about the situation at

    all and got into an argument with a member of TYA!

    I visited Allan Mostert after the festival at his appartment in Ladbroke

    Grove and we listened to some of his favourite music. I remembered he played

    Grateful Dead's "Dark Star", and was telling me about how Jerry Garcia used

    modal scales. There were posters of the Hindu deities around Allan's main

    room and he was explaining about the goddess of music, Sri Sarasvati, and

    how if a person became devoted to her she would come and play her music

    through them. I think this closeness to her comes across in some of Allan's

    guitar playing on the albums.

    Allan and his wife were living right next to a motorway and the noise seemed

    to annoy him somewhat! Despite that, the blissful feeling of love the

    radiated from him I will never forget. Whether it came from meditation or

    some other sort of spiritual practise I don't know. Often we just sat in

    silence staring into each others eyes and it seemed to me that he was

    looking deep into my soul. I can honestly say that I have never met anyone

    like him since. It left a lasting impression. I hope he has still been able

    to maintain that peace in his life.

    Sorry, this is rather a long message! I would very much like to get in touch

    with Allan again. Do you have an email address?

    Also, am I right in saying that a live album from 1972 has been released on

    CD? Is this the "Lord Jesus" album, or something else? I have the two

    earlier releases on CD.

    Keep up the good work!

    Bye for now,


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